Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Best Student Loans?

The best student loans around are really not that hard to find. In fact, with so much competition for the student loan market, there are even some pretty good private student loan deals floating around. Even so, the best student loans available continue to be the loan programs offered by the federal government. They are created with students (rather than profits) in mind, have generous application and repayment terms and have undergone a lot of public scrutiny.

That is also the reason that they continue to be the most popular student loans around.

So what are the options?

Federal Stafford Loans -

These are a very common type of loan from the Department of Education that can be given to either graduate or undergraduate students who are US Citizens. You must be attending a university of college and attending more than half-time. This particular loan is probably the most popular available.

Federal Perkins Loans -

This is the main loan for students who are in most financial need. They do not require a parent to cosign and no interest accrues during the time that the student is at college. The interest rate is also very reasonable compared to most other student loan options, meaning that it will be cheaper and hopefully take less time to repay.

Federal Parent PLUS Loans -

If your parents are willing to take out a loan for your education, then this is going to be the best option for them in most cases. The loan itself is made to the parents, rather than to the student directly.

Federal Graduate PLUS Loans -

This is a newer type of loan which allows professional and graduate students to apply for the PLUS loan. Again, the loan itself goes to the parents for the education of their child. These four types of loan are by far the most widely utilized student loan options. While there are many private student loans available that you should also investigate, the federal options will remain among the best student loans available.

By John Mcfadden

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