Monday, July 27, 2009

Defaulted Student Loan - Information You Need to Know

No matter how tough you find it to make your ends meet, you should never default on your student loan. It is your moral responsibility to repay the loan as prompt repayment will enable the lender to offer more loans to deserving students. From the financial point of view, defaulting on your student loan is the quickest way of destroying your credit score.

If you find it difficult to keep track of the various repayment dates of your different debts and if this often leads to default, you can use programs that will help you pay your debt on time and also save you some money in the process.

Read ahead for some helpful information:

a. If you want to work under the government so that you can pay your dues promptly, you should check out the Federal Employment Repayment Office of Personnel Management.

b. In the unfortunate event of a default, you can seek assistance from The Guide To Defaulted Student Loans from the Education Department.

c. To find out whether your application for federal student loan has been approved or to find out your outstanding amount, just visit the National Student Loan Data System section. You can find the information you need online itself.

d. For information on student loan consolidation, you should check out the Loan Consolidation section of the Department of Education.

e. The Student Aid on the Web section of the Education Department of US is a good source of information on student loans.

f. For additional information on paying for your education on the web, just visit the section of the website.

Total Exemption

If you desire total exemption from making repayment on your student loan, you should opt for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program To become eligible, you should fulfill the following conditions:

a. Work as a full time teacher for five academic years without fail

b. Work in an elementary or secondary school

c. Work in such a school designated as a low income school by the Department of Education.

You may obtain exemption up to $5000 under this program.

By Michael Clifford Ramsey

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